The Singapore Dream fades for the ‘sandwich class’

On a narrow lane off Serangoon Road is Krsna’s Free Meals, a soup kitchen. “The free food point”, reads the subtext on its white billboard, alongside its pink lotus logo. Unlike the nearby Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, one of Singapore’s oldest and most distinctive Hindu temples, Krsna would never make it onto any of the Singapore Tourism Board’s “Little India” campaigns. Yet each has its own devoted following. Every morning, Krsna volunteers sort through mounds of potatoes, okras, chillies, cabb

In the war for talent, fintech companies need a new playbook

“There will always be a talent crunch in the fintech space,” Hayley Yap says emphatically, “because new businesses are coming in, new initiatives, which means we are always looking for people who can do more or do something different.” Yap knows a thing or two about this as the Group Head of People at Singlife, a 1,500-strong technology-empowered financial services company.

“So, how do you keep that stream going in a sector that moves faster than we can say hello?” she asks rhetorically. Indeed

DEI work is too nuanced, complex, and hard. Still, companies must persevere, if only for this one reason

Two months ago, Shivya Nath posted a rant on LinkedIn, expressing her disillusionment with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) movement. After spending a decade building her credentials as a travel writer and sustainability consultant, she was still repeatedly hearing prospective clients approach her, saying:

“I’ve been looking for you. Not you exactly, but someone like you, who’s a woman, preferably of colour. We’d love to have you speak at our event since we really want diverse voices

Amid global social challenges, is now the time for family offices to amplify their ROI?

“If you are a family office interested in giving back to the local community in Asia, there is no better place to do it than here in Singapore,” urged Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong at the Global-Asia Family Office Summit’s owners’ symposium last year. He was not alone in prodding family offices to make a difference through philanthropy.

Earlier this year, Heng Swee Keat, the Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies, pressed family offices

The Peak Power List 2023: Roses of Peace founder Mohamed Irshad plans to change the minds of youth, one interfaith conversation at a time

This story is one of the six in The Peak Singapore’s Power List. The list is an annual recognition that celebrates and acknowledges individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, influence, and impact within their respective fields and the broader community.

Our theme for this year is Quiet Power, a force that brings about transformative shifts in the lives of ordinary people through strategic collaboration and concerted efforts with like-minded individuals. Quiet leaders are dedicat

What is Fado – Discovering the Portuguese soul

Often described as Portugal’s version of the blues, themes of passion, betrayal, hardship, melancholy, and loss are deeply ingrained in the music. “Fado is life,” explains Evelise Domingues, my local tour guide. “When my husband passed away, I raised my children alone, and the saudade from fado was what got me through.” “You cannot explain fado,” another local tells me earnestly. “It is from the heart.”

The Portuguese singer Amália Rodrigues, who died in 1999, has been credited for making the m

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